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Gerhard Auer

At our wedding my wife received a family tree of her ancestors from her aunt. For years it remained unheeded with the documents. With age, however, you start to be interested in things that you didn't pay attention to when you were young.
So I rediscovered this family tree and started genealogy five years ago.
To know who my ancestors were and where I came from has become an interesting encounter for me over the years. An insight into and an idea develops of how people lived in earlier times and which fates they had to experience in part.
Originally, I just wanted to create a family tree for my family. But as the research went on, every person associated with my own family tree was included in the records, so they already contain information on over 26,000 people. The vast majority of these come from the Hausruckviertel, the parish registers of the parishes of Taufkirchen, St. Georgen, Grieskirchen, Hofkirchen, Rottenbach, Pram, Dorf, Hohenzell, Wendling, Kallham, Neumarkt, Pötting, Peuerbach and Michaelnbach.

• Married, father of three grown children
• Managing Director
• Born and living in Taufkirchen ad Trattnach

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