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Altes Buch

Want to know your story?

We at Ahnenforschung offer you competent and serious genealogical research and family history, fast and at a sensational price.

We also offer you


researching your ancestors and their living conditions


looking for places of residence, addresses and property


wartime research


the creation of pedigrees and family trees


exploring your origins and roots


searching for information about unknown fathers


the documentation of your family history


securing documents and images

Give away family history!

The consultation is free of charge and without obligation.

Time flies.


100 years of genealogy

"My order was implemented quickly and without any problems. I am very satisfied with the result!"

Elfriede S., St. Valentin

For many years I have wondered who I am.
What makes me what I represent today in the sum of my characteristics?
Where do various behaviors come from?

In search of answers, I found what I was looking for in genealogy. It helped me better understand the various ways my ancestors acted. It also teaches humility and respect to face the harsh fate of ancestors.


Put your trust in us


Werner-Kurt Mayrhuber, MBA

Local Historian and Genealogist

A +43 (676) 898 234 206

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