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Familie mit Baby
Tanja Wildbahner


Werner-Kurt Mayrhuber is for me the "detective" among genealogists. In my case, he didn't let himself be slowed down by the official documents - as other historians' offices had done before - but pursued all the clues, no matter how inconspicuous, to find out who my grandfather really was. Many pieces of the puzzle have already been found and put together to form a larger picture, for which I am very grateful to Werner-Kurt Mayrhuber and his team at Familienhistorik!

Werner Innerhuber


I always wanted to know where my ancestors were and where my roots are.

Then I happened to notice an article about genealogy in a newspaper report. This contribution offered assistance in finding dates of birth, marriage and death. After contacting Mr. Werner-Kurt Mayhuber, the procedure was thoroughly discussed with me during an initial detailed discussion.
With the documents I had prepared, such as old birth and marriage certificates, Mr. Mayrhuber and his team immediately and meticulously research. Surprisingly, astonishing successes could be achieved within a short time. Within just three weeks, my family tree was almost completely documented up to the 7th generation. 

During this time I was in constant contact with Mr. Mayrhuber in which he nicely and courteously presented the pleasing results to me. I was pleasantly surprised with the joy with which Mr. Mayrhuber carried out research into the extensive family history.

In any case, I will recommend Familienhistorik to others and thank you very much for your tireless commitment.

Maximillian Kaisergruber


I congratulate the great team from

The team did a great job looking for my roots. My questions were answered quickly and reliably and everything was done quickly and precisely.

I can recommend the team with a clear conscience.

Fashion house Steiner 1870,
Promenade 7, Linz

Waltraud Eglseer


I had already found documents from my mother.

I had very little data from my father.

I came to Mr. Mayrhuber through a newspaper advertisement and immediately contacted him. I sent him my papers.

After a short time he had already collected a lot of data and showed it to me.

He also worked on my mother's documents, which date back to 1750. A big deal to me. Mr. Mayrhuber always tried very hard to fulfill my wishes. He went on researching and almost succeeded in doing one

impossible line to find. I was very happy about it. We were always in contact when he had new information.

I can recommend Mr. Werner Mayrhuber with a clear conscience!

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