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Documents & Photos

The more specific data and documents that are made available, the more efficient and targeted the research can be. Many documents are helpful:


  • Certificates:
    e.g. birth, marriage, death, baptism, marriage and death certificates

  • First communion papers

  • Consignment certificates

  • Dispensing

  • Evidence of training

  • References

  • Aryan evidence from the 3rd Reich

  • Home certificates

  • Parten, death pictures

  • Real Estate Certificates

  • Sales contracts

  • Tax lists

  • Entries in craft rolls


Old photos of family members or old grave tablets also provide valuable services for research. Newspaper clippings, address books, etc. can also be useful helpers.


Furthermore, in all families there are mostly orally transmitted family stories and rumors, which have often been preserved over many generations. These are also valuable sources of information, because there is always a grain of truth in them.


Please collect as much information as possible in advance that will help us with our work and deepen the results of our research for you. If you already have a family tree or pedigree, we will of course help you to continue and fill it out.

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