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Silke Liebegott

Many stories are told when the extended family gets together: about war, house building, misfortunes, travel, etc.

As a child I had heard a lot of it a hundred times in our family. To be honest, however, I always had difficulty assigning the names I heard to relationships.
About 30 years ago my grandparents found my great great great grandfather's records! She had transcribed and copied the old notes, which were of course written in Kurrent, and passed them on to us grandchildren in the form of an A4 folder. This treasure was somewhere in one of my boxes for 20 years.

I have been researching the relationships within my family for about 5 years. My main focus is on family relationships, professions and establishing relationships with unknown relatives of the present day. The transcribed script of my ancestor helped me a lot and gave me good insights into the 19th century.

The focus of my research so far is: The Polsenz Valley to Eferding, the Trais Valley, the Weinviertel around Mistelbach, Northern Hungary and Bohemia.

- married, father of 2 children
- Seminar trainer and coach
- Machine builder in intralogistics
- Musicians (from classic to electro) and language lovers
- grew up in Bad Schallerbach, since 2001 in Hartkirchen

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