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Yesterday is history, tomorrow is just rumors, but today is the present and experiencing it is a gift.

Don't let the past dictate today, but let it be an important advisor for the future.

I see the past as the key to the future. Every experience, every trauma of our grandparents and ancestors has influenced our genes and is stored in them. Even though they have long since passed away, our ancestors influence our daily lives. Some call it karma, some family stresses, some genetic disposition.

Knowing who they were, what jobs they did, where they lived and where they died brings us closer to ourselves and creates a new understanding. So I started researching my family over 20 years ago. I went on a fascinating journey through time full of family entanglements. But I also got to know touching fates and dramatic events. I was able to solve family secrets and had many AHA experiences and insights that helped to show understanding, appreciation and respect for my ancestors.

• Married, father of four sons
• Scientific employee in the medical field service
• Born in Natternbach
• Resident in St. Marienkirchen an der Polsenz

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