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Even as a child I knew that my ancestors were not only Hungarians from Transylvania, but also Czechs and Armenians. However, under communism, also out of self-protection, people did not really talk about their ancestors.
In 2016, when part of the family wanted to meet, I decided to collect the many individual fragments of our family tree and put them together.


Of course, I also wanted to fill in the gaps that came up, so I started researching and couldn't stop. As a result, I not only traveled through time, but also virtually across half the globe.
I found many close and distant relatives and made contact to find out even more about my ancestors.

For example, I discovered my Saxon roots which strengthened the theory that Hungarian is my mother tongue only by chance.

During my search, I also discovered many forgotten and suppressed family secrets: before starting to deal with the past, one should be aware that history can also emerge, which is still reluctantly talked about today.


•     Widowed, mother of two adult children
•     geologist & environmental and hygienic engineer
•     born in Sathmar (Partium), grew up in Klausenburg (Transylvania), lived for 10 years in Hessen and 4 years in Bavaria, since 2007 living in Bruckneudorf

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